Site Rules

1. Only one account is allowed per person.

2. Collusion, defined as two or more users working together in a BidKnight auction, is prohibited and can result in disabled accounts and canceled orders.

3. Only 40 wins are allowed per account over a 30 day time period, 10 per 168 hour period except during Special Event such as Memorial Day Weekend, 4th of July and Labor Day which there are no limit auctions, So win as much as you want.

4. Only 1 win of the same product with a value price of over $285.00 is allowed within a 28 day time period (e.g. you can only win a certain Playstation once every 28 days).

5. Only 12 wins are allowed per day.

6. Only 1 win is allowed per 28 days on items with a value price $1,000.00 or greater.

7. A user may only win one 250 Voucher Bid auction and two 100 Voucher Bid auctions every 24 hours. Additionally, a user may only win one 500 Voucher Bid auction and one 1000 Voucher Bid auction every 7 days.

8. No bots of any kind are allowed when using the site.

9. BidKnight employees and their family members (defined as parents, spouse, siblings and children) and any person residing in the same household as employees may not under any circumstances participate in BidKnight auctions.

Important: Please note that breaking these rules (e.g. by creating multiple accounts for one person or by using bots) violates our terms & conditions and will result in the disabling of all of that customer’s accounts. Any items won while in violation of the terms & conditions are not valid and will not be fulfilled. Further, refunds will only be processed for the amounts paid for these items and not for any bids used to win these items while violating the terms & conditions.

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  • Seated Auction
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  • Locked Auction
  • Cash Back
  • Turbo Auction
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