Our Values

Our company values center around a distinct and passionate belief in the value of properly serving the needs of our customers. By providing an honest, simple, thoroughly entertaining auction environment that’s populated with eager staff, skilled company technicians and top notch customer service we believe we’ve at least set the ground work for a thriving and successful enterprise that benefits everyone. In other words, when our customers win (be it an auction, receive prompt and helpful customer service, or a satisfying BidKnight experience in any way)…then we feel we’ve won right alongside them! 

Though a demanding, skill-diversified environment, the BidKnight workplace encourages the free flow of ideas and creativity with customer satisfaction as our core focus. In order to provide a successful set of services, it’s vital for our departments to work as a team to satisfy our customer’s requirements. In terms of our company operations, our staff is our most valuable asset and the driving force behind the value we’ll bring to our customers.

Yes, BidKnight is driven in part by the advantages the auction business offers, but our total focus includes maximizing integrity, earning trust and providing profitable opportunities to our users through quality merchandise and the potential for superb deals. We also strive to protect our bidders from fraud and abuse while delivering a truly unique entertainment and shopping experience.

In closing, let us just add that preserving your privacy and security is a prime objective here at BidKnight. We’ve taken a host of steps (including post transaction encryption of data and factoring proprietary security architectures) to ensure that your personal and financial information is safe and protected. 

Have fun, be safe and we hope you agree with us that BidKnight is best way to play and save!

  • Legend:
  • Penny Auction
  • Open Auction
  • Seated Auction
  • Reverse Auction
  • Beginner Auction
  • Locked Auction
  • Cash Back
  • Turbo Auction
  • Bid Free Auction
  • Half Off Auction
  • Fixed Auction
  • Reserve Auction
  • Free Auction