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Why Does The Timer Reset?


Why Does the Timer Reset in the Final Seconds When a User Bids?
Because its an auction!
BidKnight wants to guarantee each user the chance to participate in our auctions, so we have adopted the timer as a means of imitating the Going once... Going twice.... SOLD! aspect of a traditional auction.


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Why Does BidKnight Cost?


Why Does BidKnight Cost to Participate in An Auction?
BidKnight is built on a pay-to-participate business model wherein each bid comes at a cost. Consumers may purchase those bids in bid packs, which can be viewed in the Bid History section. Once a user buys a bid pack, he or she may participate in any auction.


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Is BidKnight Considered a Lottery or Gambling?


No, online gambling is illegal and BidKnight does not partake in this kind of activity. Gambling implies the uncontrollable element of chance, and because every auction on BidKnight is customer driven, there is no act of randomness.
BidKnight hosts a Buy Now feature on every auction. This assures that no user, having participated in a particular auction, will ever have to walk away without either winning the auctioned item or having the opportunity to purchase the item at the listed price.


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Can I Get Back Used Bids?


I Just Spent Bids in An Auction and Didnt Win. Can I Retrieve Those Used Bids?

Per the Terms & Conditions, BidKnight does not refund any bids used in auctions, however, BidKnight does refund any unused bids on the Users First Bid Pack Purchase. If a user doesnt win an auction, then we encourage him or her to use the Buy Now feature and get the item for the value price minus the cost of purchased bids used in that auction.


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Does My Bid Butler Work?


I Set My Bid Butler, but the Auction Ended. Why Didnt My Bid Butler Work?
Have I Lost Any Bids?
The Bid Butler feature allows you to bid on BidKnight even if you are not logged in or are away from your computer. First, you must set a starting price for the Bid Butler to engage in bidding for you. For example, if you were to set your Bid Butler to start at $8 and the auction ends at $6, then the auction would have never exceeded the minimum limit you set. Therefore no bids were placed, so you wouldnt have lost any bids.


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Bots or Shill Bidders?


Does BidKnight Have Any Bots or Shill Bidders?
I see some of the same usernames in multiple auctions. 
No, BidKnight does not employ any bots or shill bidders. The use of such devices to drive bidding up (or for any other purpose) conflicts with our company policy.
Users can bid in multiple auctions simultaneously, so it is possible to see a username in multiple auctions at once, however, a user cannot win more than 12 auctions in a single day.


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Refund on Bid Pack?


Can I Be Refunded if I Purchase a Bid Pack but Decide Not to Participate on The Site?
Unused bids, from your first Bid Pack purchase, are fully refundable, however, once a bid is used in an auction, it is no longer refundable. 
Should you decided to force a refund through your credit card company for anything more than what is stated in our refund policy, please be aware that we will consider this an act of theft, especially if you have received merchandise from won auctions or Buy Nows, and will use every legal means to convict you for such behavior. Just because you convince your credit card company to approve a charge back does not protect you from felony criminal theft charges which we will aggressively pursue.
Please contact Customer Support to request a refund of any unused bids.


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Do I Have To Pay Tax?


No and Yes!
The key to online sales tax is where you buy it and where you have it shipped.
If you ship an item to an address in the SAME state as the online company you bought it from, by law, you will pay State Sales Tax.
BidKnight is based in Las Vegas, Nevada, so any item shipped to an address In Nevada is subject to a 8.1% Nevada Sale Tax.  Live elsewhere?  Not shipping your item to Nevada?  No tax!
But then again, if you live in Nevada and have just won a $100 item for $10.00, I think you can agree that the added .81¢ sales tax (yes only .81 cents!) is nothing.


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