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What is GCEP


Gift Card Exchange Program aka GCEP
Enrollment: All Members (Automatic)
Purpose: is to allow all members the ability to be more flexible with their bidding
strategy whether they are a power, daily, casual, or weekend bidder. GCEP allows the
ability to bid and win any gift card auctions even if there is no desire for that specific
gift card.
GCEP balances can be exchanged for any gift card offered in our gift card portfolio mix.
1. Member in good standing
2. At least 2 prior Gift Card auction wins
3. Accumulative of $25+ in gift card value
Steps to Request:
1. Have at least 3 gift cards or at least $25 GCEP Balance.
2. Select the gift card(s) for exchange and the desired targeted gift card.
3. Send requested exchange to including a reference to the
auction number and card(s) you wish to exchange and the card(s) you desire.
4. GCEP requests are processed within 48hrs.
1. A member can opt-out of the GCEP by emailing
requesting all gift cards wins be sent separately. They are sent out every Tuesday
and Friday via SVMCARDS, our gift card shipper.
2. Any Member can request their GCEP Balance and a list of gift cards that make up
that balance by emailing


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