Thick Hooded Spa Terry Bathrobe

Thick Hooded Spa Terry Bathrobe

Thick, 18 ounce loop terry cloth robe for maximum water absorbency after the pool, spa, or shower

Hooded bathrobe design keeps your ears warm while absorbing excess water from your hair

Cuff sleeves extend with one cut to accommodate longer arms

Durable, 100% cotton bathrobe that is easy on the skin and will hold up through your daily routine

Give the gift of relaxation on an Anniversary, birthday, Mother's Day or any day to the special person in your life,

or better yet, give yourself a special, well-deserved gift.


Sizes available: XS, Small/Med, LG, XL, XXL, XXXL and XXXXL

Colors:  Black, Red, Blue, Purple, Dark Grey, White, Brown






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