Taza Chocolate Oaxacan Sampler, 4 x 1.35 oz.

Taza Chocolate Oaxacan Sampler, 4 x 1.35 oz.


We use Oaxaca stone mills, instead of steel refiners, to grind our cacao,

resulting in a unique texture and robust flavor.

Four traditional flavors in a unique cut-out gift package celebrate the culinary richness of Oaxaca.

A perfect gift for any occasion.

Contains: 4 x 1.35-oz chocolate mexicano discs, one each of guajillo chili,

cacao puro, cinnamon, and vanilla. May contain traces of nuts.

This chocolate is stone ground chocolate.

It is inspired by Mexican chocolate making traditions,

which gives the chocolate a rustic, gritty texture; different

from many types of chocolate, but the texture is addicting!

All delicious!

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