Sobek 2 oz High Relief .999 Silver Round

Sobek 2 oz High Relief .999 Silver Round

Mint: Sunshine Mint

  • Composition: Two troy ounces of .999 fine silver


The obverse features the Egyptian crocodile god, Sobek, standing with crossed arms. He carries a staff and wears a headdress. A contemporary rendering of the Nile River flows behind him, with plants growing from the soil to symbolize fertility. A series of hieroglyphs can be seen on the right side.


An iconic pyramid stands on the reverse in front of a wall filled with hieroglyphs. In front of the structure rests a table containing Nile River motifs of waves and fish. A crocodile perches atop the table, an earthly representation of Sobek. Inscriptions include “2 oz,” “999,” and “Ag.”

About Sobek and Egyptian Gods

Sobek is the highly anticipated third release in the limited edition Egyptian Gods series of 2 oz ultra high relief silver rounds, following Cleopatra and Anubis. Each round in this series showcases a detailed sculpt of the featured god or goddess on the obverse, along with a pyramid and thematic devices on the reverse.

Known as Lord of the Waters, Sobek is the god of strength, power, and fertility. Sobek has a protective instinct and he guarded the pharaoh, the Egyptian people, and the army. In fact, mummified crocodiles have been found in numerous tombs guarding the humans who were laid to rest there.

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