Protective Waterproof Car and Cargo Hauling Seat Cover

Protective Waterproof Car and Cargo Hauling Seat Cover

  • ☑ Easily Install:The pet seat and protective hauling and furniture cover attaches with two easy to use and adjust buckles, on each headrest in the on the driver and passenger backseat, with a slide adjustment to tighten the straps, making a very secure fit and unnoticeable from the back seat
  • ☑ Stylish Functions:Open in hammock type which means that the seats, the floor and the back of the front seats are all protected, when it does sit up high enough to cover the open lower portion between the bucket seats
  • ☑ Durable Quality & Easy Clean:  Made of heavy-duty durable and washable polyester materials, keep sharp claws and sharp or rough edges from damage and avoid the stains bleeding to the seats, two handles helps keep any debris or dog hair folded inside the cover until you clean or shake it out preventing the hair or dust from spreading on the seat cover or carpets
  • ☑ Non-slippery Design:The anti slippery design of the seat cover eliminates the risk of cargo or pets slipping around on the leather seats, let your pets travel in style while keeping them extremely comfortable. Keep your seats protected when hauling cargo, groceries or other items.
  • Return policy:  Within 30 days, unopened and in original condition.
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