Premium Jerky Ammo Can

Premium Jerky Ammo Can

There are two types of men in the world: 1) men who love beef jerky, and 2) men who don't know what beef jerky is. Here's a knowledge bomb.  The jerky by the register at your gas station is peasant-fare. If you think you don't like jerky, you've just never had the real thing. This masterpiece ships in a genuine, decommissioned NATO .30 Caliber ammo case. Watertight, nearly indestructible, and totally badass, these glorious vessels serve their second lives safely delivering our delicious jerky to you. If popping one of these doesn't make you a jerky convert, nothing will. So, let us send you our meat. Seriously. We sampled dozens of jerkies and chose the absolute best brands and flavors. We consulted jerky experts and thousands of our customers to create a balanced flavor profile; sweet, savory, and a hint of spice. We'll take your tastebuds on a journey where you'll discover lean, savory cuts of beef marinated to perfection and then cured until succulent and tender.


It ships with three bags of premium, top notch jerky from:

  • Carnivore Candy
  • Field Trip
  • Country Archer

Adventure Fuel

  • Clif Bar
  • Pemmican Complete Food Bar
  • Crown Nut Roasted Almond
  • BBQ Corn Nuggets, 4 oz


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