Lovestee's Rose Bath and Body Spa Set

Lovestee's Rose Bath and Body Spa Set

Who wouldn’t benefit from a visit at the spa? But how often do you really get to take the time to rejuvenate yourself? Our Love of Rose spa and bath gift set will give you a stress relief and a calming experience at an affordable cost.

From soaking to cleansing and moisturizing, Lovestee’s high end bath set includes everything you need to create the definitive at-home spa experience from start to finish. As much as you'll want to keep this remarkable set all to yourself, it also makes an awesome gift for those overstressed loved ones in your life. Our Spa Gift Basket is the perfect gift for Birthday, Mother’s day, Anniversary, Valentine's Day, Thank You, or for no reason at all. 



  • ►This Love of Rose Luxury Spa Gift set includes 5 Fragrance favorites. 1 Luxury shower gel 200ml, 1 Exotic Bubble Bath 200ml. Sensual Body Lotion 50ml, 1 bath salt 3.5 oz , Red bath puff and a Soft Heart Shape Fizzer
  • ►LOVESTEE'S BATH AND BODY LINE IS MADE WITH A REMARKABLE LUXURY ROSE SELECTED TO CONTRIBUTE BOTH, HEALTH AND BEAUTY. - Start your day right with the delight body gel and body lotion that will keep you feeling uplifted and perfumed all day! Our Bath salt Soothes and comforts your body, stimulating your senses and brings balance to your moods. Infuse with Shower Gel this is exactly what skin loves, leaving it feeling incredibly soft, smooth and nourished.
  • ►LOVES OF ROSE LUXURY IS THE SHOW-STOPPING NOTE IN THIS INCREDIBLY LUXURIOUS SCENT. Bright, uplifting, balanced, sensual and sweet with a hint of spice, help to bring out the skin's natural scent. The art-deco inspired bottle adds to the fragrance's overall glamour. While our Rose Garden body lotion is easy to apply and absorbs quickly, leaving your skin soft and silky. Lovestee's Spa Gift Set contains good scents that effectively turn your bathroom into a home spa.

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