Lexol Leather and Vinyl Care Package

Lexol Leather and Vinyl Care Package


The Lexol leather care kit includes 16.9 ounce bottles of: 

Lexol Leather Cleaner

Lexol Leather Conditioner

Lexol Vinylex Protectant

It also includes one package of Lexol Premium Applicator sponges.

Lexol leather cleaner safely cleans leather and cleans normal surface dirt quickly and rinses easily

Lexol Leather Conditioner preserves, beautifies and strengthens leather to prevent cracking and premature aging

Lexol Vinylex Protectant for Vinyl, Rubber and Plastic features DH-60 UV sunscreen to filter out damaging ultraviolet rays

while protecting the surface from fading and cracking

Lexol Premium Applicator Sponges are designed specifically for use with Lexol Leather and Vinyl Care Products

Prolong the life of all your leather goods by keeping them clean and healthy.

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