Headrest Hanger Hooks and Organizer

Headrest Hanger Hooks and Organizer

  • This item is universal for standard headrest posts of car, SUV and trucks
  • 2 functions in each set of hooks. The upper one is wide & deep enough for your purse, backpack and briefcase with wide straps
    The one below is good for grocery & shopping bags, jacket, coat and other things 
  • They snap in place tightly and fits perfectly to back or front seat. Once hooked on, the headrest can still rest flat on seat. The flexible woven straps are easier on the back of seat - no dent in leather from weighted down bag
  •  Sturdy enough for daily use. Up to 27.6 lbs can be hung per set, which means over 55 lbs of goods can be hung in your vehicle. That's enough for one vehicle no matter what you need to store inside

    How to use
    Install from side opening to headrest post directly. No need to remove headrest 
    Swing around so it can be used for front or back of the seat 

    What included
    4 sets of hooks and 4 bottle adapters

    For vehicles with round headrests posts (Diameter: 25/64 inch to 9/16 inch). Not for those with square headrest posts, like 2017 Audi Q7

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