Gooseneck 10W LED Artificial Light for Indoor Plants

Gooseneck 10W LED Artificial Light for Indoor Plants

HELP YOUR PLANTS THRIVE WITH A HIGH TECH GROW LIGHT: Boost the photosynthesis process with the appropriate light wavelength and help your indoor plants thrive with the Rozway premium DUAL HEAD LED Grow Light! Treat your plants to the benefits of 10 LED lamp beads composed of 6 RED + 4 BLUE LIGHTS. Our Light imitates sunlight and speeds up development to help plants bloom and grow leaves and seeds in perfect health!


NEW GENERATION IN HYDROPONIC GROW LIGHTS: Adjust your LED plant light to the needs of your plants and boost their growth in maximum efficiency! The adjustable 360 SWIVEL GOOSENECK arms allow for targeting specific plant areas, while the DUAL SWITCH enables you to use independently each one of the two head lamps without plugging/ unplugging the socket! MULTIPURPOSE USE - You Can use this light for more than just a grow light! Our light can be used as a desk lamp for a bedroom or office.


A GODSEND FOR LUSH GREEN INDOORS: Liven up your home or office desk décor with lush blooming plants growing in health and safety with this high-end dual grow light bulb! With a sturdy METAL CLAMP to be firmly fixed on any surface, Rozway Dual Head Growing Light makes a MUST-HAVE for home, Greenhouse, Flower Show, Family balcony Seeding. Growing Herbs and Spices, in dull winter days when plants need more light or during the demanding blooming period in spring.


TOP ENERGY POWER SAVING GROW LIGHT: LOW ON POWER CONSUMPTION, Rozway LED plant light makes an excellent ENERGY SAVING grow lamp. Save money on electricity bills and reduce your energy consumption, boosting your plants growth with a premium grow lamp with a lifespan of over 50000 hours!

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