Elemental 5 pound Copper Cube

Elemental 5 pound Copper Cube


Elemental 5 pound Copper Cube | Five AVDP pounds .999 Fine Copper

Diversify your bullion collection with the Elemental 5 pound Copper Cube. The cube is manufactured by Czar Metals, a privately operated mint that specializes in copper and other exotic bullion. Each 2.5" cube consists of five AVDP pounds of .999 fine copper.

The Elemental 5 pound Copper Cube features characteristics of the copper element, including the atomic symbol, atomic number, atomic mass, melting point, and density. The cube also features the inscriptions “COPPER” and “FIVE POUNDS”.

Because copper is a rare earth metal, and because its price varies with economic and industrial demand, copper bullion is a good option for diversifying a bullion collection. Like silver and gold, the price of copper fluctuates, and has shown an increase in value over time. And because the spot price of copper is more accessible than that of gold and platinum, copper is a great place to start investing in bullion.


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