22" Tuned Bronze Windchime

22" Tuned Bronze Windchime

  • SIMPLY SOUNDS BEAUTIFUL - Music to your ears as clear, rich notes fill your home.
  • The light pendulum means sound is strong, even in less than stiff wind. Enjoy clear, restful tones throughout your home and yard.
  • BEAUTIFUL BACKYARD CHIMES - See them and smile. Your new wind chimes look and sound amazing.
  • The crafted wood finishing and 22” polished metal chimes make you wonder “why is this so relaxing?”
  • Is it aesthetics or the deep, resonant tones? Decide for yourself and enjoy either way.
  • DURABLE, WELL-MADE CONSTRUCTION - Wish windchimes lasted longer? These do.
  • We engineered our wood chimes to last - hardened iron and strong beech wood coated to resist water and wind damage.
  • Longer lasting wooden chimes, without compromise on sound quality.

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