$10 Applebee's Gift Card

$10 Applebee's Gift Card


Dine out with your Applebee's gift card and savor every last penny and forget about the bill, baby!  

This is an Applebee's gift card you're holding. Which means whenever you're ready to chill out and chow down on the flavors that bring people together, you're good to go. 

Isn't there something about breaking bread with family and friends that makes life sweeter? You know it!  At Applebee's, it's all about kicking back and enjoying good food and good company. (And you definitely don't have to worry about doing the dishes.) In fact, about the only thing you do have to worry about is what to order. Signature House Sirloin? Three Cheese Chicken Penne? Or maybe Grilled Greek Chicken Salad? It's your call. So chill out and chow down on the flavors that bring people together. Applebee's. Together is good.

Over 1,900 locations in 49 states
Applebee's gift cards have no fees or expiration dates
Applebee's is the world's largest casual dining chain

Any questions? Visit www.applebees.com or call 1-800-252-6722.

Transaction fee: none
Return Policy: Within 30 days from date of purchase
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